description of four objectives of SHL-Kosova

Objective I
Youth have equal opportunities for inclusive informal education, formal and quality education.
This objective aims to establish scientific and social clubs where youths enhance their skills in certain areas

This objective raises organizational development in schools and outside schools are organized on educational activities, educational, cultural, sports and activities that the young people show interest that have to do with raising awareness of their learning and develop broad knowledge general always including the wider community.
Through courses, trainings, workshops, lectures and debates, young people have the opportunity to receive additional instructions other than  what do you offer in school.

Objective II
The second objective focuses on the participation of youth in social and institutional activities.
Mainly it has to do with empowering youth and voluntarism Component. Through activities that take place under this objective, young people are trained and aware of a more active social and public, also empowered to take decisions, which advocate different issues that concern them in their municipality, all these for to make positive changes and improve the lives of young people.

Those directly involved in active participation in matters relating to youth, develop their capacities and increase engagement awarnes the importance of voluntary work in the country in which they live.

Objective III
Training and qualification of youth in different professions, and job assistance.
Identifies requirements for training of young people and together with employment office in Rahovec assisting in youth employment.

Offers professional training as career development, Project Writing, CV, Cover Letters, Project Management, and many other occupations depends on  the requirements and needs of the youth.
For young people of Rahovec we organize visits to vocational training centers and fairs throughout Kosovo.
We organize daily practices  as in  Terminal Customs, Tax Administration, Customs Police, Basic Courts, etc.

Objective  IV
Development and identification of the cultural heritage in the municipality of Orahovac.
Establishing contacts and cooperation with organizations dealing with Multiculturalism and Cultural Heritage

Training youth volunteers for guides as a result of collaboration with Multiculturalism and Cultural Heritage organizations
Maintaining contacts with rural community structures such as representatives and involving them in cultural activities in Rahovec.
Identification and establishment of the youth group of high schools for the realization of cultural and historical heritage.


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