In honor of the 10th anniversary of the establishment as a local NGO (from Shl-Germany transition) SHL-Kosova organized a short theatrical show with the children of the Roma,Ashkali and Egyptian communities in the framework of the EU SIMRAES II project as well as an open discussion on ‘’SHL-Kosova over the years’’ with volunteers from 2010 until now.
Present in this debate were:
Patrik and Patrica from ShL-Germany.
Volunteers who showed their experiences in the periods that passed to SHL-K, and at the same time current volunteers submitted their requests for organizing activities such as youth exchanges, camping, sporting events etc.,
Former SHL-Kosovo director, Shkumbin Arifi, who shared his experience and showed the difficulties involved in organizing the activities but also suggested SHL-Kosovo to engage more students who are poorer in lessons so that to have more chance for the future.
Present in this discussion was also the chairman of the SHL-K board Mr. Dritan Tara who described the current activities of SHL Kosovo but expressed his satisfaction with the motivation of volunteers for activities related to their empowerment.
The discussion was also filled by officials from the municipality and the presence of Director for Culture and Sports Mrs. Bjondina Kleqka who told about the co-operation of this directorate with the SHL-K, as well as about future plans and projects for the youth.
Finally, with a cocktail SHL-K thanked the attendees who honored SHL-K with their presence, especially the current volunteers for the surprise cake they made in honor of the 10th anniversary of SHL-K.


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