Part of the Youth Exchange, Kukes – Marseilles – Berlin

SHL Kosovo was invited by the Center for Youth Progress (QPR-Kukës) for a day visit to Kukës.

Initially, the Center for Youth Progress presented the work of the organization for young people from Rahovec who had the opportunity to listen to the presentation of each coordinator for their work and the history of how the organization was raised. Then, there were also the presentations among young people, in which case they became acquainted with each other.

The youth continued to get acquainted with the center of Kukes, where among others the “Youth Progress Center” was part of the Youth Exchange, Kukes – Marseilles – Berlin.

Young people from Kosovo, Albania, France and Germany exchanged their experiences with organizations and, according to the host organization’s program, they discussed the topic ” Memory ”.

In addition to these “QPR Kukes” sent the youth Rahovec to visit ”Fierza” Lake (walking), spending so much time together.

The day ended in one of the cafe’s premises where the youth shared their impressions of the day.

We are grateful for ”QPR-Kukës” for the great reception they have made us


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