SHL-Kosova has organized a Football Competition involving the youngsters of:
Secondary schools in the Municipality of Rahovec
1. Xhelal Hajda – Toni – Rahovec
2. Selajdin Mullaabazi – Mici – Rahovec
3. Ukshin Hoti – Krushe e Madhe
4. 12 Maji – Ratkoc
Primary schools in Rahovec / Orahovac
1. Isa Boletini
2. 7 Shtatori
3. Bekim Sylka
4. Ardhmeria
The race was split into two groups starting to compete with each other firstly primary and then secondary schools where each team represented their school, but the particularity of this organization was that each team included 50% women.
In addition to the first prizes, SHL Kosovo shared a symbolic award for the best middle school players.
The purpose of this competition was to activate young people in sports activities and engage women in this sport to prove that Football, it’s not just for Men
We thank the teachers of the Physical Education of these schools who assisted SHL-Kosova for the best organization of this competition.


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