SHL-Kosova today held a meeting with youth of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian community in the youth center in the upper part of Rahovec
The purpose of the meeting was to form a youth advocacy group to identify and address the problems of the upper city neighborhood in Rahovec municipality.
In the first part of this meeting, SHL-Kosovo talked about Advocacy where young people learned more about this topic and then in the second part of the meeting the youth put forward their needs and requirements.
The main problem that the youth posed was the placement of containers throughout the neighborhood and, in this context, required training in community awareness on environmental maintenance.
Another high-risk need according to young people was the proximity of electric cables which occasionally burned each other and as a result electricity was cut off.
Other problems in the upper neighborhood were the lack of lighting in some of the roads, problems with sewage and the lack of some closures for manholes.
Also during the meeting were discussed some requirements that young people presented as a secondary need such as the arrangement of a children’s park as well as a youth sports field.


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