Camping (3 day workshop) 11-13 Korik 2018 / Kuna – Shëngjin Island

Within the organization of activities related to informal education and youth empowerment, SHL Kosovo organized a summer camp for young people in Kuna – Shengjin.

The aim of organizing this camp was the intellectual development of young people through the British parliamentary format workshop, which was based on public communication.

This workshop included themes of various topics for discussions and attractive activities that enhance the versatility of thinking and public speaking as well as various sports games.

These youngsters are evaluated with points for the debate and games that are planned where in the conclusion of this camp, the winner group will be rewarded with participation in the next camp that SHL-Kosova will organise.

Day 1 – Initially, the young people were introduced to each other, and then started learning about the debates of British Parliamentary Format, where they also talked about the topic: Homeworking at School.

Young people were divided into two groups and opposed each other’s thoughts.

Except the debate during the camp’s day, the volunteers were part of several different attractive games that were organized by SHL-K

Day 2 – The morning of this day started with sporty and attractive games on the beach, continuing with the ‘Debates’ training according to the British Parliamentary Debate on the topic: ” The pupils should or should not have a work after school’’. After much discussion they continued with such topics that raise the skills of public communication.

Day 3 – This day as usual was start with attractive games for young people to continue with the completion of the ‘Debates’ training under the British Parliamentary Debate on ’’Life in the Village is Better Than in the city”. After numerous discussions, young people continued their discussions with free life themes in order to increase communication skills.


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