Camping in Boge

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Boge Camp 28-31 August 2017

SHL Kosovo organized a 4-day Camp in Rugova РBoge, where 15 volunteers of our center  participated in this camp.

The main theme of this camp was “Non-Discrimination” which varied with awareness-raising activities and debates on LGBTQ and Feminism topics. What was to impress was the very positive thoughts of our volunteers on these sensitive topics for society.

Except to the various debates, games and stories, Volunteers used a day for hiking in the Rugova Mountains, where they aimed the Lake “Liqenat”, while enjoying the beauties of nature. What gave our volunteers every day a positive energy was the fun activity ENERGIZER that they loved.

In the end, it was the exchanging of letters and comments that they sent anonymously to one another, so they kept impressions of each other as a gift.