Fier Camp (20-28 August 2017)

SHL Kosovo organized a 7-day camp in Fier, where 7 of our volunteers participated, whereby these young people from our center participated in the Summer School organized by youth center of Fier “Epoka e Re”.
This school was held for 5 consecutive days starting from 08:00 to 16:00.
80 young people were part of this school, so they were divided into 3 large groups that often competed among themselves.
The mornings began with gymnastics at the beach “Darzeza” where various sports games were organized to continue with daily lectures and group activities.
At first, the introductory games were those that enabled young people to get to know each other, continuing with discussions of various topics and awareness-raising activities about “Leadership” and “Human Rights”.
There were also activities such as painting, dancing, theatrical performances etc.
Young people from Rahovec and Fier in the end were also Certified by this School.
There was a very good opportunity to get in tuch with the volunteer of the other youth centers, especially to learn and to spend time together.
In addition to all these activities held at the campsite, the participants who were part of this camp has visited the ancient city of Fier in Albania “Apollonia” where by this visit they also learned about the history of this ancient city.


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Camping in Fier

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