SHL-K in Rahovec in colaboration with Directorate of Education and Directorate of Culture, Youth and Sport, at the House of Culture “Mensur Zyberaj” held a conference on the publication of the results from the completed questionnaire with the graduates of the Rahovec Municipal Schools in relation to their orientation for studies and career.
The conference was opened by the Director of Education Avni Morina, and also by Director of Culture, Youth and Sports, Ervin Hoxha, where they welcomed the graduates wishing them success in the future.
In the panel there were guests representatives from the different professions preferred by the graduates who gave their recommendations as: studying medicine is quite difficult because it requires 11 years of work and dedication, then being a good lawyer needs seriousness and hard work, studying education it means to strengthen the state, without the economy there is no stability, without crafts there is no employment in private businesses, without vocational training there is no employment, and without foreign language there is no bright future.
Mayor of Rahovec Municipality, Smajl Latifi thanked the SHL-Kosova, for such a conference and requested the continuation of these activities, because as he said, such activities also help the Municipality and Mayor’s office for his mandate.

In the panel were Mr. Enis Durguti, Director of KPS, Muhedin Sharku, Coordinator of the Employment Office in Rahovec, Muahedin Bekeri lawyer, Sahare Pallqa – Doctor, Xhihad Vuciterna Director of GraphX, Asllan Rrahmani economist / manager at IPKO, Drita Vuqiterna teacher Arion Riza- Director of the Employment Agency in Pristina / Human Power.
SHL-K congratulates the members of the Panel for their contribution.


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