Co-talking with candidate for Mayor of Rahovec Municipality

The Youth Center SHL-K in Rahovec, within its many activities for youth from 09.10.2017 until 13.10.2017, organizes open public debates with potential candidates who run for mayor in Rahovec / Orahovac.

Today was invited the candidate for mayor of the Rahovec Municipality in the political partie of PDK   Mr. Idriz Vehapi (current mayor of Rahovec) who mentioned that Rahovec still faces high infrastructure needs, we will support the youth by empowering them through the vocational schools then by employing young ones who finish high school and university, and will also help young people by giving  scholarships.

Among other things in this debate there were also questions from young people about transporting from urban to rural areas and vice versa, then the regulation of sports hall in “12 May” Ratkoci secondary school and so on.

Finally, Vehapi gave a message to the youth of the country and encouraged them to read as much as they can, because only through hard work their dreams can be achieved.

Youth Center SHL-K in Rahovec during the whole week will hold debates with mayoral candidates.

You are welcome.


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