School Security, Quality in Education, youth activism, improvement of the overall situation regarding youth activism, and many others, today in the meeting room in SHL-Kosovo was held the next debate with directors of primary and secondary schools of this municipality.

The debate was substantive and was also attended by the Mayor of the Municipality. Smajl Latifi and the Director of MED, Avni Morina.

In the discussions, it was found necessary to continue such debates, while the expert in the field of education Arben Shala engaged by SHL-KOSOVO, assessed the organization of debates on education as very useful not only at the municipal level but also beyond. z. Shala stressed that school security implies respect for the internal security protocol, but the most delicate is the issue of security that students, teachers and parents should feel.

Mayor of Rahovec Smajl Latifi emphasized the need for increased discipline, hygiene and responsibility of school directors and teachers. Undertaking the most serious measures to improve the situation in education is a pressing need and we will not sit idle, said Mayor Latifi.

SHL Kosovo thanks to the Mayor Mr. Sami Latifi and the Director of Education Avni Morina for their contribution, readiness and continuous support in this regard.

SHL-Kosovo also thanks local radio station Rahovec, Radio Aktiv for direct broadcasting of the debate.


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