On September 20-21, 2018, the European Parliament launched a dialogue on youth political participation of western Balkans, in Skopje. The event will be organized by the National Assembly of Macedonia and a partnership will be organized with the Assembly and the European parliament and Commission.

In this working group of European Parliament of young leaders, civil society was represented by SHL-Kosova executive director, Enis Durguti, while the Kosovo parliamentarians (youth representative in Kosovo Parliament) were of course missing in this very important event of Western Balkan integration in the European Union.

The second high-level dialogue “Shrinking the gap” will provide a space for both youth representatives and new members of parliaments from the Western Balkans to deepen dialogue and an agenda for action on youth policies that are central to ensuring the European perspective of the countries in the region. The regional perspective also contributes to initiatives to support reconciliation and good neighborly relations, which is a key part of the region’s successful EU progress.

The “Bridging the Gap” program was expanded with the introduction of Labor Policy sessions together with the Joint Research Center (JRC), the European Commission Science and Knowledge Service. Policy Laboratories will address four critical topics: Youth Engagement with Politics, Youth Employment, Enterprise and Drain of the Brain, False News and Disinformation, and Reconciliation and Legacies of the Past.

In addition to producing policy recommendations, Policy Laboratories will provide an innovative policy-design project that can be used proactively in implementing youth policies at national level in the Western Balkan countries.


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