SHL-Kosova with a modest ceremony donated the vehicle to the Rahovec Municipality, precisely to the Directorate for Culture, Youth and Sport, so that the Football Club and Basketball Club in Rahovec will use them for their needs.
After accepting the donation, the mayor of the municipality, Mr. Smajl Latifi, thanked for this precious gift which is a very important help for our athletes from both of the biggest clubs in Rahovec.
While the Executive Director of SHL-K, Enis Durguti has expressed that he is pleased that this car is donated to the Rahovec Clubs, on the other hand we are happy that this vehicle will be managed by Directorate of Youth Sports and Culture, under the Municipality of Rahovec.
The MOU was signed by the Executive Director Mr. Enis Durguti, Director of CYS Ms. Bjondina Kleqka, Basketball Club Representative Afrim Sharku and Football Club Representative Xhabir Hajrullaaga.
Present at this modest ceremony was also Mayor of Rahovec Municipality, Mr. Smajl Latifi with associates.


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