SHL-Kosova today have organized a competition in scientific subjects such as: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Geography.

The races were held between the students of the three high schools of the Rahovec Municipality
“Xhelal Hajda-Toni” Rahovec
’12 Maji ” – Ratkoc
“Ukshin Hoti” – Krushë e Madhe

Each science subject had nine questions where the contestant students had the opportunity to give the answers in writing.
In order to have full transparency, each competitor has been identified with the code that SHL-K has assigned, so that when checking the pupil’s response from the evaluation committee, all equal tests are checked.

SHL-Kosovo thanks for the support and assistance given and their presence to the Director of MED, Avni Morina, Director of DKRS, Ervin Hoxha, Senior Officer for Youth Mr. Qemajl Krasniqi, then Professional Jury-Evaluation Committee composed of Professor Shenaje Mullaabazi, Xhevdet Elshani, Eqrem Sopaj, Besart Duraku, Avdyl Popaj, and all competing students.

In the end, the best students in the competition were rewarded with a symbolic gift from SHL-Kosova.


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