SHL-Kosova organized meeting with Non-Governmental Organizations of the municipality of Rahovec in order to establish a formal or informal network of NGOs
Present were the representatives of several Rahovec Municipality NGOs working for the benefit of the community such as:
Ramadan Rama – Representative of NGO “Humanity”
Adelina Paqarizi – Director of the NGO ” Hareja ”
Gardalin Shtavica – Representative of the NGO “Hardhfest”
Xhylferije Bytyqi – Representative of the Blind Association
All agreed that this network should be formalized and invited other municipal organizations for the next meeting to be held on 17.04.2018, in which the working groups will be formed.
Director of Directorate for Culture, Youth and Sport, Ervin Hoxha says he is open to help what organizations need.
Present at this meeting was the Mayor of the Municipality, Smajl Latifi who emphasized that this network should be formalized to comply with the law and that network formalization will be more profitable because it enables new NGOs to be empowered.
z. Latifi adds that the Municipality will undertake the support of this Council.


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