SHL-Kosova was supported by MCYS with the project: Prevention of Violent Extremism and Radicalization leading to Terrorism on the topic: “Community awareness of ethnic and religious tolerance”.
SHL-K organized a debate for discussing the recommendations of a one-day workshop held in Prizren with the same topic.
Expert on this topic SHL-K has invited
Mr. Fahredin Shehu – Professor of Oriental Sciences / expert of philosophy of religions and mysticism.
z. Shaban Mrasori – General Directorate of Police – Directorate Against Terrorism as well as an officer from the Rahovec branch police.
Present were also:
Director of Culture Youth and Sports, Mrs.Bjondina Kleqka, SHL-K Board Chair Mr. Dritan Tara, Mrs. Adelina Paqarizi from the Harea Organisation, and the volunteer youth of the SHL-K.

On behalf of the youth of Rahovec municipality, SHL-K congratulates the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports for the financial support of the workshop and the debate on the realization of the idea for community awareness of ethnic and religious tolerance.


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