SHL Kosovo in Rahovec, today on June 22, 2018, organized multiethnic sports events in the municipality of Rahovec, aiming at awareness raising for such sporting events. This competition has included two age groups: 12 to 15 years of age and 16-50 years old. Both races were under the supervision of the police and emergency services in Rahovec. The first three women’s and men’s seats were distributed for two age groups. While part and definitely winner of this board was also Dr. Skender Gashi who was awarded the title “Veteran of Athletics” SHL-Kosovo will continue to organize such sporting events in the future, believing that the interest of young people for participation will increase. SHL Kosovo thanks the MED for the continuous cooperation, 3 participating schools “Isa Boletini” “” Bekim Sylka “” and 7 September “with Professor of Physical Education, Kosovo Police and Emergency Service for Contribution Theirs.


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