SHL Kosovo in colaboration with MED and DKRS in Rahovec organized a debate about security in schools.
Invited were School Directors, Parents’ Advice, School Boards, Students, LMT, OSCE and others. In the panel were the director of MED, Avni Morina, Director of DKRS. Ervin Hoxha, Police Commander branch in Rahovec, Mr. Osman Ismajli, Senior Officer for Youth, Mr. Qemajl Krasniqi, and Eshref Haxhiu-psychologist. In this debate it was discussed for School security, absenteeism, youth concentration in tuition, school uniforms, social networks and others. Out of this debate, there were many requests for continuation of SHL-K debates, with different themes for discussing youth problems.
SHL-K is grateful to MED, DKRS, Rahovec Police, KPS Board, psychologist Eshref Haxhiu, Radio Active for LIVE broadcast of the debate.
Also, Mayor Smajl Latifi for his presence in the debate as well as the promises given for continued support.


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