On behalf of the European Parliament and the European Commission, SHL-Kosova was invited to participate in the ‘Bridging the gap between youth policy, youth participation and parliamentarians in the Western Balkans’, which was held at the European Parliament in Brussels on 20-21 November 2017, this event took place in parallel to the High Level Round Table on the European integration process of the Western Balkans which will offer synergies and will allow the participants to be immersed in the wider context of the Western Balkans integration process as well as EP policy debate. It will also widen the scope of the networking opportunities for all participants.
Enis Durguti (Executive Director of SHL-Kosova, and board member of Kosovo Youth Center Network) have represented those two civil society non-governmental organizations in this event, while on the meantime Enis was part of the discussion panel with this event on subject of “Bridging the Gap”.
Enis have mentioned on this panel that NGOs in Kosovo needs to be reformatted and restructured, so no funds will be misused in future, meanwhile there will be better structuring within the civil sector organizations . Interest in politics and trust in political institutions among young people shows a big decline, and there is a grows belief that formal political structures are not working, while voting does not seems to change anything casting ballot feels ineffective and disempowered. young people in Kosovo think that political system does not respond to their need nor reflects their view.
Exclusion of youth from decision-making rises and the legitimacy of our democracy is undermined. As a closed statement from Mr. Enis Durguti was that at present institutions communicate insufficiently and inconsistently with Civil Sector and youth in general, therefore must be formed non formal groups and initiate young parliamentarians and civil society to address those problems with effective communication and open dialogue which will be co-designed.

On the parallel timing while the High Level of round table of European Integration of the western Balkan countries was being held, 4 members of the participated organization in this event have symbolically protested inside the EU Parliament with a signs “VISA LIBERALIZATION FOR KOSOVO” members of this small groups (one of them was Enis Durguti) have almost been removed from the parliament, but during the round talks it should be mentioned that this initiative was only supported by the German country representative in EU Parliament, where he said “this young group of civil society coming from Kosova has a fully right to protest here in european Parliament also in Kosovo Parliament, because it is their freedom of movement that is not granted, and was expecting more support from this institution on this matter, as Kosovo is facing double standards on visa free movement.”.
Below there are few pictures that will shows some of the event that has been going on during this 2 day event in Brussel.


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