The Autumn Running 2018
SHL Kosovo in collaboration with MED and MCYS in Rahovec organized the Autumn Running in the Rahovec Municipality with the purpose of raising awareness for such sporting events.
In this running has included three different groups and trails:
The first participating group were the pupils of the Primary Schools in Rahovec where the first place was won by the School ” Bekim Sylka ” Rahovec
The second participating group were the Municipalities of Rahovec where the volunteer from Germany won the first place in SHL Kosovo
The third group participating were the students of Rahovec High School where the first place was won by the ‘Xhelal Hajda Toni’ School in Rahovec
SHL Kosovo thanks the MED, Directors of Municipal Departments, School Directors with Physical Education Professors as well as Kosovo Police-Branch Rahovec, who participated in the Autmun Summer 2018.
Also SHL Kosovo thanks Kosovo Police, Emergency Service for the continuity of this activity.
SHL-Kosova will continue to organize such sporting events in the future, believing that the interest and awareness of the youth and employees of institutions will increase.


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