The installation of Anti Parking on “Gëzim Hamza-Piktori” street in Rahovec has started.
In order to provide high school students “Selajdin Mullaabazi-Mici” and “Xhelal Hajda Toni” in the city of Rahovec, SHL-Kosovo has recently requested from the Municipality of Rahovec for the installation of Konave Anti Parking.
It is worth mentioning that in the school “Selajdin Mullaabazi-Mici, students of elementary school” Sadedin Hajda “also attend classes.
SHL-Kosovo thanks the Municipality of Rahovec, namely the Directorate of Public Services, Director Perparim Krasniqi, for deploying these Anti Parking because this protects students from the numerous cars in front of the schools and the SHLK.


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