In order to activate youth in the municipality of Rahovec  and to promote traffic safety, SHL-Kosovo organized a day activity in traffic regulation.

The event took place at two stopping points in the most frequented streets of the city, the sports hall and traffic lights of the city.

Part of this activity were students from Rahovec  vocational high school ” Selajdin Mullaabazi – Mici ” and volunteers of SHL-Kosovo youth center.

Police representatives – Rahovec branch, in addition to informing young people of the rules that drivers should adhere to, they also lectured young people on the dangers of traffic in general.

The young people of Rahovec  prepared a message for observance of traffic rules instead of punishments in order to raise awareness of the drivers.

SHL-Kosovo thanks Kosovo Police – Rahovec Branch, who cooperated with SHL-Kosovo for organizing today’s event.


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