12 August “Youth Day” – Help young people of your municipality!
SHL Kosovo manifested “International Youth Day” by preparing different meals from its volunteers in their homes as well as in the SHL-K kitchen.
SHL-K volunteers sold these foods in order to begin collecting funds for the formation of the amateur youth theater group of the Rahovec Municipality.
The beginning of this organization was held in the yard of Rahovec municipality from 11:00 to 13:00, with the exception of the majority of Directors of Municipal Departments, in support of this organization was also the Mayor Mr.Smajl Latifi who congratulated young people for their will.
The humanitarian activity of this day ended in the City Park by collecting a total of 182.80 euros.
SHL-Kosova, except that it will support with its funds the formation of this amateur group, it will continue with such humanitarian activities to activate the youth by raising cultural activities for the country.


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