Rahovec, 4 September 2017

On 04 September 2017, the Youth Day was marked in the Municipality of Rahovec during the Month of Youth.

A special feature this year was because the Month of Youth begins with the Municipality of Rahovec.

There were numerous cultural, entertainment and sports activities.

Numerous activities were performed where a large number of young people from the Municipality of Rahovec / Orahovac and the surrounding villages performed.

The day begins with the Streetball race at the city park, where the road was blocked by the State Police in Rahovec, upon written request of the Youth Center SHL-Kosova, performed four groups.

Prizes were awarded to the best team and the most distinguished player from a professor of Physics Education.

Day continues with organizing the drawing and painting competition. Eight students in the city park competed in the middle by drawing and painting messages for a better life for the youth of Rahovec.  The race continued for five hours and in the end, was awarded a reward for the best work by Professor of Figurative Art.

There were also games at Ping-Pong where throughout the day the youngsters had the opportunity to have fun.

Then the youth of Rahovec first cleaned the wall which they then began to paint with graffiti, in this activity young people were extremely interested. On the wall facing the city park, many messages were provided through both the scriptures and the figures.

Fun for youth of Rahovec continues with Karaoke, where Rahovec youths sing in the open space in order to mark this day the best possible way.

The event ended with the screening of the movie in open-air at City Park, where young people of different age groups, later discussed their daily events, their needs and wishes.

This youth project, within the “Month of Youth”, was supported by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.

Daily activities in Rahovec were held in the city park organized by the Youth Center “SHL-Kosova” and the Municipal Directorate for Culture, Youth and Sports.



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