The implementation of the Recommendations issued by the Debate on 19.04.2018, organized by SHL-K, MED and DKRS

SHL-K today together with the Chairman of the Board, Dritan Tara, and member of the board of SHL-K Mr. Qemajl Krasniqi had a meeting with the Mayor Mr. Smajl Latifi and the Director of MED Mr. Avni Morina.

At the meeting with the Mayor of Rahovec, Smajl Latifi, spoke about the implementation of the recommendations that came after the debate of April 19, regarding the improvement of the security situation in the Rahovec municipality schools. The Mayor was also informed by SHL-K that we have established a Commission for monitoring or not of these recommendations. The news of the beginning of the implementation of these recommendations is greatly appreciated, because soon will be the siege of the high school yard “Xhelal Hajda-Toni”, and will continue the debate focused on increasing discipline in school. We believe that other recommendations will also be implemented, as there is general agreement that we need a more serious approach to the problems of our youth. Head of Bodrum of SHL Kosovo, Dritan Tara, asked from Mayor Latifi to continue with meetings and discussion rounds, so that the new school year will be more promising and have concrete results in order to improve the situation in the school.

SHL-Kosovo continues to be the only trusted partner of young people and solving their concerns.


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